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Electric Mucking Machine





Electric Mucking

Electric Mucking Machine

Electric Mucking Machine is single bucket, frone end loader that walking on the tracks. It's application is to load shots of rock or ore into the mine cart. Mining Mucking Machine can transport a wide range of materials, such as: gold, nonferrous metals, black metal, non-metallic and other types of ore and rock with materials's diameter up to 500mm, highest efficiency with diameter below 250mm. This mucker machine is non-explosion-proof, it is forbidden to use it in the environment of flammable gas and explosive gases.

Application Scope

Roadway Section

Width ≥ 2.5m

Height ≥ 2.5m

Roadway Tilt Angle





Electric Mucking

Product Model

  • Z-17W Electric Mucking Machine

  • Z-30W Electric Mucker Machine

Z-17W Electric Mucking Machine

Z-17W Mine Electric Mucking Machine applied for non-ferrous metals, all kinds of mine, tunnel project. Front loading, back discharging, rail wheel walking, 380v power supply, compact structure, flexible operation, bucket floor alloy wear-resistant materials, high durability, long service life.

Electric Mucking Machine

Z-30W Electric Mucker Machine

Z-30W Underground Electric Mucking Machine: reasonable structural design, higher stability, easy operation, safe operation, high slag discharge efficiency, bucket bottom plate adopted alloy wear-resistant material, high durability and long service life.

Z-17W Electric Mucking Machine

Z-30W Electric Mucking Machine

Loading Capacity m³/h


Loading Capacity m³/h


Capacity Area m3  


Loading Width mm 


Loading Width m


Loading Height mm  


Rial Gauge mm


Unloading Height mm 




Bucket Volume m³ 


Walking Power KW


Length mm 


bucket Power KW   


Width mm  


Unloading Height mm


Height mm   


Dimensions mm

Length(bucket down)C:2020

Walking Motor Power KW



Width(bucket down)K: 1011

Height(bucket working)E:1920

Height(bucket down)D: 1200

Bucket Motor Power KW

Machine Total Weight kg



Pictures For Reference Only Due To Different Product Batch & Specs.
Please Contact Our Sales to Confirm.


Electric Mucking

Type Z-17AW Z-20 Z-20AW Z-30AW ZQ-26
Loading Capacity (m3/h) 20-30 30-40 30-40 50-60 40-50
Capacity(m3) 0.17 0.2 0.2 0.3 0.26
Loading Width(M) 1.7 2 2 2.2 2.7
Rail Gauge(mm) 600mm(When the rail gauge is 750mm,762mm,pls mark in the order)
Power Electric motor wind motor
Travel Power(kw) 10.5 10.5 10.5 1.5 10.5
Raising Hopper Power(kw) 10.5 10.5 13 15 15
Discharge Height(mm) 1250 1330 1360 1370 1250
Dimension(mm) Length(bucket down)L 2120 2480 2400 2620 2375
Width(pedal down) 1011 1210 1330 1300 1380
Height(bucket working) 1920 2180 2180 2260 2240
Height(bucket down) 1200 1518 1460 1545 1455
Weight(kg) 3760 3750 3700 4600 2700
Motor Speed: 690r / min, Walking motor power: 15KW, Bucket motor power: 15KW
Voltage 380V
Moving Speed ≈0.79m/s
Bucket lift Speed 0.46-0.71m/s


Electric Mucking

  • 01Before operation, driver must carefully check the connection situationof the various parts

    of the underground electric mucker machine and electrical equipment wiring situation,

    observe the tunnel blasting,check track gauge and if the length of the

    laying is sufficient, make sure no problem before operate.

  • 02When rock loading, on the side of driver operation, the

    distance between mining mucker loader and roadway side

    walls more than 300mm.

  • 03Forbidden anyone approaching.

  • 03When inspecting, oiling and repairing rock machine,

    the components of the rock loader must be in a stable

    state in advance

  • 03When the bucket is lifted by the traction

    of the chain only

  • 03Drivers can't disassemble or repair

    electrical equipment whithout electrician's


  • 03One people manipulate

  • 03Non-rock loader drivers can't press the rocker

    control buttons without the consent of driver.

  • 03When leaving rock loader, driver must cut off

    power .

  • 03Before blasting, the rock loader

    must be retracted to a safe distance.

  • 03If need to open the control box lid for maintenance, must first

    cut off the power supply.

  • 03Promptly replace contactor contact

Electric Mucking Machine

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