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Alibaba Certification

Since 2012, alibaba introduced field certification service, Shandong China Coal Group immediately submit a factory inspection application. Then Alibaba commissioned GIS certificate authority made a special audit. After the audit of the expert, Shandong China Coal reached the fist-class enterprise atandard in production capacity, R & D capability, trade capacity, import and export capacity, quality system and other aspects.Experts agreed that:"Shandong China Coal Group has ten years of experience in mining equipmentmanufacturing, product certification, quality depth; Respond quickly to customer complaints and complaints, have a dedicated customer service team, customer complaints and complaints processing can be processed within 24 hours. Our Group to develop e-commerce sales platform, have professional e-commerce sales team, the platform has been operating for more than 5 years, And showed an increasing trend.--- Recorded from the original certification report."The certification means that the Shandong China Coal Group really has become a leader in manufacturing industry at home and abroad, and with excellent strength to compete with international famous brand. The following is a screenshot of the report:

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